Tsukimi 2010


『Tsukimi means moon viewing in Japanese』

People make offerings of Japanese pampas grass and dango (rice dumplings)to the moon.



Curry and Sweets championship that was held in last year will be opening at Motenashi dorm in Kanazawa station on Sep. 19 & 20, 2010.

It will sound exciting to eat curry rice from popular curry restaurants with only 500yen!

Additionaly, this year variety of delicious sweets will enrich this event more than lat year.

fresh summer vegetables



One of our regular customer brought many fresh vegetables from Karuizawa in Japan.

The tomatoes shape pointes-top named Renaissance.

They have thick meat and tasted rich.

And also we wraped up seasonal corns and cooked with microwave, they were very sweet!

Hot day


Since past two weeks,temperatures have been above 33 degrees in Kanazawa city.

Watcing a water fountain at Kanazawa station might make you you feel a little degrees colder.

a small size watermelon


We got a Kodama Suika( a small size watermelon) from our owner's friend.

Long rain season will be ending soon so that we are looking for to having a fresh cihill watermelon!!

A watermelon that is the symbol of summer is actually one of popular products from Kanazawa city.